"a smart system, to manage your smart campus"

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Simple. Powerful. Reliable

Aonecampus is a highly customizable online educational management system which helps management, teachers, parents & students to discover and relialize their potential to achive overall development

User Friendly Design

Aonecampus is built & designed with simple user interface, so anyone can use this system without any prior training

Secure & Reliable

We follows all the modern web security standards to store your data in a secured environment

Fully Customizable

Aonecampus is a fully customizable management tool which is flexible enough to perform almost any kind of function

Hosted on Cloud

No additional hardwares or technical skills are required to implement AoneCampus. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

Flexible Pricing

Not like others, You only pay for what features/system you are using. No need to pay unused features.

Mobile Compatible

Aonecampus is highly compatible with any kind of devices and flexible with any type of operating systems